Korean Competition - Korean Music Film Now
‘Korean Music Film Now - Korean Competition’, JIMFF’s Korean Competition section, was established to promote the production of Korean music films and show the new vision of Korean music filmmakers. Three to four domestic and overseas jury members will select one feature and one short films. The winning feature will receive a prize of KRW 15 million and the winning short film will receive a prize of KRW 5 million.
Jury of Korean Competition
KWON Haehyo Actor
Majored in Theater and Film at Hanyang University. Debuted with the play The Good Person of Szechwan and has continued working. He received the Best Actor Award for The Day After (2017) at the 18th Busan Film Critics Awards and was in films such as Peninsula (2020), Fukuoka (2020), and The Women Who Ran (2020) as well as Bogota and Taeil Which are set for release.
KIM Jongkwan Director
Studied Film at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. How to Operate a Polaroid Camera (2004) was screened and awarded at various film festivals. Worst Woman (2016) received the FIPRESCI Award at the 38th Moscow International Film Festival. He also wrote and directed The Table (2017), Josée (2020), and Shades of the Heart (2021). He directed Walking at Night which is one of the Netflix
Darcy PAQUET Subtitle Translator
Darcy Paquet teaches at the Busan Asian Film School. He has translated the subtitles for many Korean films including Parasite and The Handmaiden. In 2014 he co-founded the Wildflower Film Awards Korea to recognize achievement in Korean independent filmmaking.
WON Dongyeon CEO of Realies Pictures
Won Dongyeon produced Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017), Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2017), Masquerade (2012), and 200 Pounds Beauty (2006), and is currently working on a drama version of Along with the Gods, and is in process of a film with Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint.
Preliminary Jury of Korean Competition
MOK Haejung Film/Sound Critic
MOK Haejung, the author of Understanding Sound in Movies, has given lectures on Film Studies and Film Sounds at Dongguk University and the University of Seoul. She has given presentations about Film Music and Sound at various seminars and academic forums, and has also served as the sound director for the Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies. She is currently on the advisory committee for the Bucheon International Animation Festival and a TV film and music content creator for Cine Focus.