How to Watch
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Period Aug.12(Thu) 10:00 - Aug.17(Tue) 23:59
Howto Watch Step 1. Log in to your wavve account.※ If you do not have a wavve account, please sign up first. Step 2. Go to the JIMFF x wavve OnlineTheater page.( Step 3. Click on the movies of your choice. Step 4. Click on “Purchase” to make payment. Step 5. After payment, click"Watch" to enjoy your purchase.
Platform wavve official web site or Mobile APP
Limitednumber of audiences 300people per movie- JAZZKISSA BASIE, SOUL KIDS, Gallant Indies are only available to 300 viewers.-Oh, It Hertz! Is only available to 250 viewers.- The number of viewers may vary at the request of the distributor.
Target No limited target but screenings are only available in Korea.
Guidelines - Online screening is available on wavve website(including mobile web) and its app. You must sign up to be able to watch the films. But wavve subscription (monthly subscription) is not required, and even the wavve subscribers must make an additional payment to watch theonline selection.
- Notice for iOS device users: Selection search and payment are unavailable on the app on iOS-based devices like iPhone and iPad. You may watch the films on the app after paying for them on the mobile web or other OS-based device. For your convenience, we recommend you to use mobile web.


-Online Screening Ticket
(E-mail: / TEL:02-925-2242)
-Payment and Playing Error Inquiry: wavve customer center (TEL:1599-3709)
(Weekdays 09:00-18:00 / Lunch time 12:00-13:00 / Closed on weekends and holidays)