Cancellation and Refund

이 테이블은 좌우로 슬라이드가 가능합니다.
Cancellation Period Aug. 4 (Wen) 2021 14:00 - One hour before the screening or performance starts
Cancellation Method The festival website (, Cancel on [My Page > Confirmation of Reservation]
Cancellation Fee - Up to a day before the screening or performance: none
- Up to 1 hour before screening or performance starts: ₩1,000 per cancellation

※ Issued paper tickets are unavailable for cancellation and refunds.
※ Refund is not applicable when the requests are caused by audiences’ excuses (ex: a traffic jam, a personal mistake about the schedule for screening/performance, etc.)
※ When it rains (not heavily), the staff distributes raincoats then open-air screenings and performances are still on, so refund or cancellation is not applicable.
※ If audiences want to cancel on the day of the screening or the performance, cancellation fee will be charged, even if they want to change only the program/seat/payment option/number of tickets.
※ Partial cancellation is not applicable. (ex: when an audience wants to cancel only one ticket after purchasing three tickets, or when an audience wants to cancel three tickets and reserve two tickets again.)

Refund Period

이 테이블은 좌우로 슬라이드가 가능합니다.
Credit Card Cancellations made after 2~7 days of your ticketing
Bank Transfer Cancellations are made within 2~3 days of ticketing and deposit to account for an initial payment.
JIMFFriends Reservation Number Same as General Cancellation Policy.



※ At the 17th JIMFF, all screenings are due to start on time. Late arrivals will only be admitted
in the first 15 minutes. The same goes for the screenings for short film collections.
※ Please arrive in advance to allow sufficient time for quarantine procedures.
※ As per the COVID-19 quarantine measures, please take the seat designated on your ticket.
※ You may not change seats during the screening.
※ No Photography : Please refrain from bringing in cameras or recording equipment.
※ Photography, video, or audio recording of any kind is not permitted during the screening.
※ No food except water and drink is allowed in theaters to prevent the spread of COVID-19..


※ You must produce a valid mobile or paper ticket to gain entry to the screening.
※ Mobile ticket is recommended to reduce personal contact as much as possible.
※ Tickets issued with a festival badge are not transferable and must be presented with the
badge at the screening entrance.
※ Reissue of a ticket is not allowed If the actual ticket is lost or damaged.
※ JIMFF abides by the film rating system. Underage viewers (born in 2004 and after) will not be allowed into R-rated films even when accompanied by a parent or a guardian. The same regulations apply to high school students even they are aged 18 or above.
※ You must bring an ID or alternative documents (e.g. high school graduate certificate) to view R-rated films. (new - translation omitted)
※ Children aged 5 or under (born in 2016 and after) will not be allowed into films even when accompanied by a parent or a guardian.
※ Please turn off your mobile phone to keep everyone's time enjoyable.
※ Megabox Jecheon does not offer parking, please use other parking areas nearby