Ticket Box

※ For minimizing the number of face-to-face events, recommend mobile tickets.

이 테이블은 좌우로 슬라이드가 가능합니다.
Venue Ticket Period OperatingHours
Megabox Jecheon General screening Aug.13(Fri) - Aug.16 (Mon) 09:00- After 10 min of the lastscreening of the day
Jecheon City Cultural Center Cinema Conert Aug.13 (Fri) 17:30 - After 10 min of the beginning of the day
JIMFF Selection
Aug.14 (Sat)
Aug. 16 (Mon)
12:00 - After 10 min of the last screening of the day
09:00 - after 10 min of the last screening of the day

※ Closed on an Opening day (Aug. 12)
※ Tickets are not available for purchase on site. JIMFF can only be purchased online via the festival website.
※ Paper tickets are not reissued for lost or damaged tickets.
※ Paper tickets are issued only for films and performances for the same day.
※ After watching the movie, audiences who want tributary tickets can issue tickets at the Ticket Box. .