Launched for the first time at the 17th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, JIMFFACE celebrates one person each year who has had a major social influence on music and film. In short, JIMFFACE is an honorary title given to ‘the face of JIMFF’. Our inaugural JIMFFACE is Korean actor and singer Uhm Jung-hwa, who holds an unparalleled position in the fields of music and flim.
She’s been selected as JIMFFACE at the 17th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival for her outstanding performance as ‘Miyoung’ in the action comedy OK! Madam  and ‘Manok’ in MBC’s Hangout with Yoo , which brought a lot of joy and comfort to audiences and viewers everywhere. In addition, she delivered a message of hope through her digital single [Hop in] during the pandemic, and communicated with the public more actively than ever when positive energy was needed.
Throughout the festival period, JIMFF will manage special screenings, Guest Visits, ‘JIMFF Live Talk - JIMFFACE’, ‘JIMFF ROAD X JIMFFACE’ street exhibitions of her exquisite work.
Uhm Jung-hwa first appeared on the silver screen in the 1992 film The Marriage Life. The follow-ing year she made her acting debut through We Must Go to Apgujung-dong on Windy Days. Widely recognized as a highly talented actor, she has appeared in multiple films across all genres, including Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (2002), Singles (2003), Princess Aurora (2005), For Horowitz (2006), Bestseller (2010), Dancing Queen (2012), and Wonderful Nightmare (2015) .
With the release of her first album [Sorrowful Secret], which contains the hit single “Pupil”, she burst onto the music scene?breaking free from the existing framework of female singers. Since then, she has built a hugely successful music career as a solo artist. Her hit songs include “A Rose of Betrayal”, “Poison”, “Invitation”, “Don’t Know” and “D.I.S.C.O”.
As her solid filmography and numerous mega-hits prove, with her unique presence throughout both flim and music fields Uhm Jung-hwa is undoubtedly a cultural icon of the Korean pop and film industry.