The Balancing

The image in the official poster is a creation by Byun Nam-seuk, a balance artist who can balance almost any object. For the piece, Byun used a kalimba and trumpet to symbolize music, and a projector to symbolize cinema and balanced them over a rock in Jecheon’s landmark, Cheongpung Lake. By achieving seemingly impossible balance in stacked objects, the piece symbolizes the festival’s determination to regain the balance disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic through music and film. The symbolism of the piece is echoed in the words “Green again, center of life 16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival” next to the image.

The phrase based on the official slogan “Green again,” began to take shape by asking the question of what 16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival can do as Korea’s only music film festival in this time of global hardship. The slogan contains the meaning of both the color “green” and the Korean word for “to draw,” and embodies the goal of redrawing the broken balance through film and music, and to capture the green of midsummer. The slogan is also an embodiment of the determination to build on the festival’s 15 years of history to move forward into the future.

Byun Nam-seuk

Byun Namseuk is a balance artist who captures beauty by achieving seemingly impossible balance using everyday objects such as rock, bicycles and chairs. He has appeared on numerous television programs such as [Live Today] on SBS, [Sci-Fun] on EBS and Yonhap News. His appearances on overseas channels such as the Discovery Channel, Fox TV and Fuji TV has won him international fame, and even an invitation by the royal family of the United Arab Emirates. Since 2016, he has been focusing on his art, holding exhibitions at major galleries including Minoo Media Art Museum, Seongnam Arts Center and Soohoh Gallery.


세상은 모두 악보로 이루어져있다.

Director AHN Sang-hoon

Since debuting with the film Arang in 2007, Director Ahn Sang-hoon has received wide recognition for both directing and screenwriting with Blind (2011), Empire of Lust (2015) and Korea-China co-production The Witness (2015). This year, Ahn directed the official trailer for the 16th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, which visualizes old and modern music coming together. The trailer shows the festival’s goal of building on the past 15 years to open the future of cinema music, and embodies JIMFF 2020’s hope of becoming a beacon of light in the era of COVID-19.