Behind the Walls
Paolo Ventura

The chosen photography is one of Ventura’s series Behind the Walls, and it shows a man playing the euphonium in a dark alley. The work portrays the man is playing his instrument in a world which seems not real. It looks like a scene from a music film. The photo corresponds with the identity of the JIMFF, opening doors to new musicians and music films for audiences.

Paolo Ventura who was born in Milan, Italy in 1968 has created dreamy and mystical art by using one of the photography techniques, making a diorama. A diorama is a way to produce a specific scene with miniature figures and backgrounds. He has created his particular style, and he was appointed as the primary artist for the Italian Pavilion of the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.

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The trailer presents that the cinematic image of the original form of multisensory film created by sound and images blends in a vast nature.

Director Yoonchul Chung

Jeong Yoon-cheol has directed several films including Malaton(2005), Skeletons in the Closet (2007) and Warriors of the Dawn (2017) and made his name when the 1997 film Memorial Photographing won him the Best Film Award and the Cinematheque Award at the 4th Seoul Short Film Festival. His feature debut Malaton (2005) won him the Grand Prize and Best Screenplay at the 41st Baeksang Arts Awards, the Best New Director ward and Best Screenplay at the 42nd Grand Bell Awards, and the Best New Director at the 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Jeong’s 2017 film Warriors of the Dawn starring Lee Jung-jae and Yeo Jin-goo portrayed the history from a new perspective. Father’s Sword was released through the JTBC program [Certificate U], and the movie was shown at the 15th Seoul Eco Film Festival and will be shown at a special screening at the 2018 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia which will be held from June 4 in Tokyo, Japan.