‘Player on the Road’

The main poster's photo of the 13th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival is "Player on the Road" by the French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, one of the founding members of Magnum Photos. The photo captures the moment a man carrying a bass on his back is riding a bicycle. It reminds of a scene from an old film, the photo was selected because it crystallizes the meaning of Jecheon International Music and Film Festival that has developed its identity with introducing new Music films to audiences in Korea and meeting with various musicians.


2017 JIMFF Trailer "Day and Night"

During the daytime in some alley seeing a Hanok wall with complex patterns, a girl is playing an instrument in the left corner of the wall. As some melody is played, nighttime of the same space washes over from the right corner. The night flows into like a wave, an in-between line comes up dividing the day and the night, and a woman walks from the end of alley at night. She seems to be dancing in slow motion. As the woman comes close to the girl, the night also comes. The woman glimpses of the girl with the instrument then disappears from the scene. The girl with the instrument nudges her instrument over the line. Then she passes herself into the night. She walks into the world of the night. The night pushes the day,and there is only the night left in the alleyway. Again the dancing woman comes close to the girl.Now they are facing each other.