Poster / Trailer


The 11th JIMFF’s official poster is a work by the photographer Joong-won Choi who is known for capturing everyday life from unconventional angles. Showing four women under portable parasols looking out to the vast sky from a mountain peak, Dappled Parasols, a part of the artist’s series The Passing Scenery, squarely embodies the goal of the festival, namely, to provide a leisurely vacation in the midst of Jecheon’s beautiful nature.

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The official trailer of the 11th JIMFF is Soo jin Lee’s cinematographic interpretation of Pee, the title piece of In soo Moon’s poetic collection, Pee. Depicting an ordinary day of a father and a son living in a tranquil Hanok (a Korean traditional residential space), the work embodies Soo jin Lee’s directorial delicacy