Poster / Trailer


The poster of the 9th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival(JIMFF) is illustrated by Kim Jae-hyun who is the professor in Sangmyung Univ. It emphasizes the identity of JIMFF which is very friendly with nature by using the blue color that is representative color of JIMFF. In addition, the strewed red color on all around the poster appears the passion of staffs, volunteers and audiences of JIMFF. Professor Kim said, "The wave that flows into the man reminds us of the image of Cheongpung Lake where the festival main program 'One Summer Night' will be held. This image makes audience feel that JIMFF tries to communicate between nature and human; moreover film and music." The image of a bird on the bottom of the poster expresses the desire that JIMFF will leap the next year’s 10th edition beyond 9th.

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