Poster / Trailer


The official poster for the 6th edition of Jecheon International Music & Film Festival(JIMFF) symbolizes a metamorphosis from a two-dimensional film to a three-dimensional space by putting nature’s colors and sounds. This space shows a physical space where music and cinema collaborate with each other, which JIMFF claims to stand for, as well as an emotional space where everyone can be impressed and entertained.

With the image of blue which Jecheon brings up with its beautiful sky and brilliant lake as well as diversity which JIMFF pursues, the poster gives vivid and colorful impressions expressing sensibility of the nature and delight that the festival provides. Furthermore, solid-figured letters make a metaphor for their own stories and sounds of various music-themed films.

Passing through 5 years, JIMFF hosts its 6th edition welcoming another new summer. JIMFF truly promises to bring excitement and adventure, and shows its diversity covering space, nature, relationship and story through this poster.

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