Poster / Trailer


Designed by using JIMFF’s typography- using the combinations of film, music and nature.

The poster of the 5th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival is designed from typography with the English abbreviation JIMFF. This festival is a very successful event, enjoyed by all. ‘JIMFF’s vertical- bilateral symmetrical typography symbolizes the popularity of the festival which is attended by all ages. The geometrical circles behind the typography shows JIMFF’s logo and represents people love for film, music, and nature. Also, the 5th JIMFF poster is produced in 2 versions: the first one is made with blue and green which represents Jecheon’s environment and nature such as the cool wind and fresh water. The second poster is made with an orange color which represents sociability. The posters represent the film festival that the great city of Jecheon has put together, bringing in film, music, and nature all in one.

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