Date : August 14 (Fri) ~ August 16 (Sun), 2020 11:00 / Place : V LIVE, NAVER TV


Listening to Films, Watching Music


This is one of the many charms of music films. The Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will provide an opportunity for the audience to meet musicians in the films once again. The musicians in three carefully selected films unveil what they hadn't said in the films and the music they wanted to play. At the Cine Concert, which starts before the impression of the films' ending fades, the audience will have a pleasant experience “listening to films and watching music.”



1. Da Capo

Guest|​Director SHIM Chan-yang, HONG Isaac, JANG Ha-eun

Moderator|​SHIN Ji-hye (CBS Announcer)


HONG Isaac, JANG Ha-eun, and “The Destroyer,” a band that resembles that of their two like “décalcomanie.” Like a line in the film, “to sing is to leave a trace,” although a little clumsy and slow, they are walking their own way. These are the songs, performances, and stories they haven't done in the film.



2. On the Road, Khaosan Tango

Guest|​Director KIM Beom-sam, La Ventana

Moderator|​MAENG Soo-jin (JIMFF Programmer)


Our Last Tango (2015), Scent of a Woman (1992), Happy Together (1997), Tango Libre (2012).

How did the tango play and thrill the audience in the films, including On the Road, Khaosan Tango? Let's take a step further into the sad but calm tango music and story of the project band “La Ventana” composed of the best Korean tango musicians.




Guest|​Director SONG Woo-jin, Bohemia, Bruna

Moderator|​CHANG Yeong-yeop (CINE21 Chief Editor)


Brazilian legendary percussionist Valtinho ANASTACIO. The Korean Sambistas have sang and danced with ANASTACIO, who stayed in Korea from 2004 to 2019. We want to share the stories and music of yesterday and today of Sambistas, who are still dreaming of tomorrow even in 2020.​


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Hong Isaac

He made his debut in the 24th YooJaeHa Music Competition, winning a bronze prize for his own song “Spring,” and he shows his genius as a singer-songwriter and also as an instrumentalist of guitar, keyboard and clarinet. He is also an innate star who crosses genres from popular music to films, showing outstanding acting as an actor in his film debut and the opening film of JIMFF 2020, Da Capo.

Jang Ha-eun

To go with the phrase, “a genius guitarist,” she is an up-and-coming real musician at the moment, as collaborating with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra and performing the solos at Carnegie Hall. The scene of her authentic classical guitar playing and her guitar playing styles presented in Da Capo will remain in the memory of film fans and music fans.

La Ventana

It is a jazz band consisting of accordionist Jung Taeho, pianist Park Yeong-gi, and drummer Jeong Seung-won. Since its debut in 2006, it was nominated for Best Jazz and Crossover Album at the 6th Korean Music Awards and garnered the win in the same category at its 8th edition. Since it released a single album [Interlude!] in 2016, it has been actively performing.


KIM Dongseok is a guitarist who won the grand prize at the 1st Brazilian Music Contest and a rare performer who plays the cavaquinho in Korea, and JEONG Yoenkyeong is a singer-songwriter who has been playing Brazilian instruments for a long time at Escola Alegria, a samba school, and won the excellence award at the 2nd Brazilian Music Contest.

“Bohemia” is a team of these two musicians and has been playing for a long time to promote Brazilian music from the time when Korea was virtually a wasteland for Brazilian music. Beginning with “DnD,” they have continued their music naturally by forming Bohemia since then, and they have played a variety of Brazilian music based on Samba, such as bossa nova, choro, samba cancao, and samba reggae.


With a new definition of “Bossa Nova, a music that modernizes Brazilian music,” Bruna tells their unique narrative by adding their own warm and innocent feeling. It started with the release of the first EP album [Uma Carta] in 2018, and is showing various attempts on-and off-line to expand beyond the limits of the existing Bossa Nova. Languor, warmth, soft sea breeze. Let's have a drowsy afternoon in Rio de Janeiro that Bruna will express.

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