Green Again Concert: Super Session 17ers
Green Again Concert: Super Session 17ers
Date : August 14 (Fri), 2020 17:00 / Place : August 23 (Sun), 2020 MBC Chungbuk


A Single Chance to Enjoy the Perfomance

Available Only at the JIMFF 2020


One Summer Night, one of the JIMFF’s best known events, will be held differently this year. Previously, this event took place at night in the midst of summer by the beautiful Cheongpungho Lake in Jecheon. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the JIMFF decides to avoid hosting outdoor performances to follow social distancing recommendations. Instead, it features a non-contact, virtual concert called 17ers’ Green Again Concert.


If you have love and passion for Once Summer Night, this newly planned event will be a perfect as well. It is because it brings together some of the best Korean live musicians such as Lee Tae Yoon, Kim Tae-won, and Kim Hyun Chul. Particularly, “Top Film Scores Most Beloved by Koreans,” a program featuring a list of the greatest film scores selected by legendary musicians, will be a surprising gift to those of you who have been willing to enjoy films and performances.


“Green Again Concert: Super Session 17ers” will be available on MBC Chungbuk.




LEE Tae-yoon, KIM Won-yong, KIM Gwang-seok, KIM Tae-won, KIM Hyun-chul and 12 others

Jang Hyuk, JEON Dal-hyun(Guitar), ​​LEE Sung-min(Guitar), ​AHN Ki-ho(Keyboard),​ ​PARK Man-hee(Keyboard)

​​LEE Dong-ki(Trumpet), ​ LEE Yeon-jae(Saxophone), ​​BAE Young-ho(Vocal & Chorus), ​​JANG Bo-hee(Vocal & Chorus)​​

JO Sam-hee(Guitar/KIM Hyun-chul Band), LEE Hyo-suk(Keyboard/KIM Hyun-chul Band), LEE Sang-min(Drums/KIM Hyun-chul Band)

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Lee Tae-yoon

He is a legendary bass guitarist from Korea. He started Boohwal along with Kim Tae-won and later joined Songolmae as a bassist. He served as a session bassist for more than twenty thousand songs. He performed with the band Cho Yong-pil and the Great Birth for the past 27 years. He is a former full-time professor at Pyeongtaek University and an adjunct professor at Hanyang University, still having his heyday as an active musician for recorded and live performances.

Kim Won-yong

He is one of the best-known saxophone players in Korea. He served as the president of Korea Saxophone Association and the president of Federation of Korean Music Performers (FKMP). He was a devoted member of MBC Orchestra for 20 years and joined as a saxophone player for more than 150,000 songs. He won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1991 MBC Drama Awards and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Minister Award in 2011.

Kim Gwang-seok

He is a first-generation guitarist. He is one of the best session guitarists most beloved by legendary Korean musicians such as Cho Yong-pil, Jeon In-kown, and Shin Seung Hun. Recognized for his experimental spirit, he became a winner of the first Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards. He has been constantly releasing solo albums with new attempts and creating his own music style.

Kim Tae-won

Best known as the leader of the band Boohwal, he has been actively pursuing multiple careers as a guitarist, producer, lyricist, and composer. In the 1980s with the growing popularity of rock bands, he was considered one of the top three Korean guitarists, and left a huge mark in rock music history. He is an all-round musician open to all genres. He has been creating countless masterpieces including “Hee Ya,” “Rain and Your Story,” and “Never Ending Story.”

Kim Hyun-chul

He is a singer-songwriter who has been creating lyrics and melodies for his songs and producing his albums since his debut. That is why he has been often considered as a musical genius leading the pop music industry. With the fire score of The Blue in You, he won the Best Film Score at the Korean Film Awards, which helped solidify his position as a film composer. He has been active as a singer with ten albums, as a music director, and even as a panel on a music show.


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