Friday Night Mystery Universe
Friday Night Mystery Universe
Date : August 9 (Fri), 2019 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


Four musicians orbiting the universe along an unpredictable track​

“Mystery Universe” is a stage where you can meet musicians with unrivaled individuality as if they landed in front of us after orbiting an unknown universe along an unpredictable track. Heize, sunwoojunga, So!YoON! and SAAY will present a special gift of music from the undiscovered universe at JIMFF Cheongpung Lakeside Stage.

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Cinema Concert - Marcin Pukaluk Watch youtube video

A composer, performer, producer. As a true silent films fan he is often on tour with his own live music for a number of silent masterpieces. With a strong musicological background he is able combine different kinds of musical inspirations (classic, ambient, folk and pop) to produce music that is diverse both in terms of style and structure. In his work there are sentimental, Slavonic melodies right beside monumental, orchestra pieces. Passionate, exuberant rock tracks are to be found next to soft, spatial electronic sounds. When interviewed he points out that the very key to understand his music is what you see on the screen. This is the picture, the image that often determines the final composition of the music making it very much illustrative.  ​

Heize Watch youtube video

Singer-songwriter encompassing both rap and vocal to communicate with the audience through her unparalleled sensitivity. Based on her lyrics and sensitivity that many people can relate to, she creates powerful yet comforting music. In 2019, she starts with her first full-length album and continues to collaborate with many artists to expand the variety of her own music world.

sunwoojunga Watch youtube video

sunwoojunga isn’t restricted by genre or scene and creates her own individuality through twisting and mixing various genres including rock, jazz, pop, R&B, hip-hop and electronic, and at times goes beyond to reinvent. sunwoojunga is a vocalist who makes you think again what it is that makes a vocalist a good vocalist. She is an artist who breaks the rules based on irregular freedom and manifests the evolution of Korean popular music. 

So!YoON! Watch youtube video

Singer-songwriter So!YoON! started her career as a musician as she formed the band “SE SO NEON” in 2016 when she was 18. Her excellent lyrics, on-stage energy and voice with unforgettable presence immediately made her and her band special. So!YoON! released her first full-length album [So!YoON!] in May 2019 and created another sensation as if declaring a new genre called “So!YoON!”. 

SAAY Watch youtube video

R&B singer-songwriter SAAY recorded a play count of 370,000 within two months of free release of her first EP [THE ZONE] in May 2017 on SoundCloud, and released her first single [Circle (ft. Tish Hy-man)] in July of the same year. She released her second mix tape [THE HORIZON] in September 2018, single album with Crush [Sweaty] and season song “COLDVIEW” in November. In 2018 April, she pre-released a song “ENCORE” and a month later, her first full-length album was released with 18 songs. This June, she came back with her new song “ZGZG” to approach a step closer to the audience​.



The Polish Dancer

The drama revolves around a love triangle. Pola is from a small village. There she falls in love in Dmitri. After an argument with her parents, she decides to run away from the village. She gets her boyfriend drunk and takes his money. Soon after that, thanks in part to her luck, she becomes a famous dancer. She meets Alexis, a rich entrepreneur, who promises to marry her. Pola is unaware that Alexis has a wife. She also fails to realize that the vengeful Dmitri has appeared in town.

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