Monday Night Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
Monday Night Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
Date : August 12 (Mon), 2019 20:00 / Place : Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)


“Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)” ​Beyond generation, for everyone’s enjoyment, even closer
“Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage(former.Dongmyung  Elementary School)” is a stage where you can enjoy the charm of music that goes beyond generation even closer. KIMCHANGWAN BAND, who opened a new horizon of Korean popular music, and Ailee, beloved diva of our time, will express the true meaning of music that can be experienced and enjoyed by anyone and everyone. In particular, “Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage(former.Dongmyung  Elementary School)” is a new space to be presented through this year’s JIMFF “One Summer Night”. Located at the center of Jecheon city, it will approach the audience even easily. ​

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KIMCHANGWAN BAND Watch youtube video

Kim Chang-wan formed a band “SANULLIM” in 1970 and opened a new horizon of Korean music by releasing masterpiece albums. After [The Thirteenth SANULLIM Album], he formed KIMCHANGWAN BAND and came back with a new band sound, presenting a rich musical spectrum including psychedelic, punk and other rock original sounds. KIMCHANGWAN BAND continues the legacy of magnificent musical sensitivity and authenticity of SANULLIM, satisfying not only the generation who reminisce SANULLIM, but also the generation who don’t know of it. It brought old and new generations together with explosive sounds and unique musical sensitivity in various rock festivals and performances.  ​

Ailee Watch youtube video

Ailee, the diva of our time. Explosive voice and strict discipline, be-loved as top vocalist since her sensational debut in 2012. Her hit songs include “Heaven”, “I Will Show You”, “U&I”, Singing Got Better”, “Don’t Touch Me” and “Mind Your Own Business”. Followed by hit songs every year, she set the record of first Korean popular music to be streamed 200 million times with “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”, original soundtrack of TV series [Goblin] in 2017. She was called “top K-POP singer” in terms of singing ability by overseas media when she made her debut and is now a musician loved by all generations with a wide musical spectrum including ballad, dance and R&B.​


Heavenly homecoming to stars

Bestseller by Choi In-ho serially published since 1972 on Chosun Ilbo made into film by director Lee Jang-ho. <Heavenly homecoming to stars> is a landmark of Korean popular culture. The absurdity and empty lives of the urbanites in the 1970s are portrayed through hostess Kyeong-A. Lee Jang-hee and Kang Geun-shik, known for C'est Si Bon, were in charge of the film music. OST including Lee Jang-hee’s “I will give you everything,” “A glass of memory” and “Blow a whistle” as well as Yoon Shi-nae’s “I am nineteen” gained much popularity.

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