Saturday Night Moonlight Shower
Saturday Night Moonlight Shower
Date : August 10 (Sat), 2019 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


“Moonlight Shower” Moment of immersing into the blue moon of Cheongpung Lake

“Moonlight Shower” will be filled with musicians that will make you remember Cheongpung Lake with romance, thrill and freshness. RGP, Realslow, george and WE ARE THE NIGHT each are beloved for their touching lyrics and melodies in their own genres. Their performances will be as enchanting as the blue moon on the surface of Cheongpung Lake and sway our hearts for a long time.


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Cinema Concert - Marcin Pukaluk Watch youtube video

A composer, performer, producer. As a true silent films fan he is often on tour with his own live music for a number of silent masterpieces. With a strong musicological background he is able combine different kinds of musical inspirations (classic, ambient, folk and pop) to produce music that is diverse both in terms of style and structure. In his work there are sentimental, Slavonic melodies right beside monumental, orchestra pieces. Passionate, exuberant rock tracks are to be found next to soft, spatial electronic sounds. When interviewed he points out that the very key to understand his music is what you see on the screen. This is the picture, the image that often determines the final composition of the music making it very much illustrative.  ​

RGP Watch youtube video

“RGP” is a duo consisting of “SKULL”, the icon of Korean reggae music and multi-talented entertainer “HAHA”. Under the conviction of making reggae music more popular, RGP has been hitting the charts each year with songs including “Busan Vacance” and “DANG DIGGI BANG”.

Realslow Watch youtube video

Long-time beloved singer for his unique dramatic style of singing and soft rhythm. Unlike the way he sings on-stage as if he’s about to collapse, he is a rather stable vocalist who delivers his sensitivity intimately. Recently, he became a producer working on many albums of singers from different genres, including Seo In Guk, Ailee and YOUNHA. He is an artist who constantly creates music for the audience with his explosive creativity as the engine. 

george Watch youtube video

R&B singer-songwriter george made his first impression as an artist with a unique sense of humor through his facebook page “george life.” He showed his presence through his single [Boat] and his first EP album [cassette] ranked first in Apple Music R&B Album Chart and fifth in Main Album Chart. He continues to present new sides of him through collaboration with Kim Hyun-chul, ADOY, Primary and other artists of various genres. His single [Swimming pool] was selected as one of Apple Music’s Top Albums in 2018. ​

WE ARE THE NIGHT Watch youtube video

WE ARE THE NIGHT combines the synthesizer with acoustic instruments to create a dream-like and sensual cinematic sound. Following their first full-length album [WE ARE THE NIGHT] in 2013, they released their single albums [Tiramisu Cake] and [Star, Fire, Night] as well as their second full-length album [Star, Fire, Night and Such Things] in 2015, and were nominated for best electronic at the Korea Music Awards. Their music became more known to the general public as it was used in TV and commercials. 


The Self-Seeker

is a story of a Ukrainian philistine Apollo Shmyguyev, who tries to benefit from numerous changes of authorities and political chaos in Kyiv during the 1917~1922 Soviet Civil War. The zealous, chameleonic and inconstant Apollo quickly becomes the head of the local commissariat, but the thirst for profit endangers his life over and over again. The plot of this comedy road-movie alternately places the protagonist travelling on a camel to hostile camps of Bolsheviks, royalists, and anarchists, but selfish interests and lucre remain his one and only drive. The film is totally uncharacteristic for its time; it ridicules both bureaucracy and fanaticism of the Bolshevics and kleptocratic vanity of the Whites. One of the few examples of early Ukrainian comedy, it presents the Bolshevik revolutionary agitation in such a sarcastic way that this caricature was immediately followed by a distribution ban. ​​​

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