A Poet and an Actress, Love in the Time of Ours
A Poet and an Actress, Love in the Time of Ours
Date : August 10 (Sat), 2019 17:00 / Place : Jecheon City Cultural Center


Park Joon, a poet, and Lee Yoon Ji, an actress, talk about love in the time of ours through poems and films. They share their thoughts and feelings about love that are in poems and acting and honestly talk about love we experience now. It is a colorful and beautiful program with lyrical music by a pianist.

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Park Jun

Park Joon, a poet, was born in Seoul, and he made his debut on [Silcheonmunhak] in 2008. He became a bestseller author by publishing collections of poems and essays. He won many awards including Shin Dong-yup Prize for Literature, Pyeon Un Prize for Literature, Park Jaesam Prize for Literature, Today’s Young Artist Award. His work is popular, especially with the 20s and 30s readers.​

Lee Yoon Ji

Lee Yoon Ji, an actress and the honorary ambassador of 7th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, still keeps her love for JIMFF. Also, she has been with JIMFF since 7th JIMFF. She is one of the guests for JIMFF Live Music Talk, and as a music lover, she talks about “Love in Time of Ours” through films and poems with Park Jun, a poet, and Ko Heean, a pianist.  

Ko Heean

Ko Heean, who became a musician while studying Science and Engineering, and Berklee College of Music awarded 25 years old him a scholarship. Studying and performing music in New York, he organized a Jazz band “Prelude.” After Sony Music released his first album [Croissant], he has performed in South Korea. His Jazz band has played for the last 12 years regularly, and he leads a piano trio. He is one of actively performing artists in South Korea and overseas.​

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