Jecheon Live Choice - Talk
Jecheon Live Choice - Talk
Date : 17:00 10. Aug(Fri), 2018 / Place : Jecheon City Cultural Center


‘Jecheon Live Choice’ is a program with strengthened JIMFF characteristics in which you can enjoy both film and music in the same place at the same time. This year marks its fourth year and presents the audience with something different. ‘Jecheon Live Choice’ not only has performances from film musicians, but also has a talk program ‘Talk’, a QNA session with guests and audiences covering various subjects, and a performance program ‘Meet’, an interaction between various music genres competent vocalists and fandom. ‘Jecheon Live Choice’, equipped with a more various and full program, will be a time where the festival audience and guests / performers can communicate closer.

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Kim Soy’s appearance in the film Like a French Film with Steven Yeon shed new light on her talent as an actor, and her acting was acclaimed for the film The Seeds of Violence, the winner of Grand Prize in the Korean Film Competition Sector at the 2017 Jeonju International Film Festival. Soy is a promising actor who has received suggestions for various roles for TV shows and films thanks to her fluency in English, Chinese and Japanese.


Song Da Eun made her debut as an actor with 2011 MBC TV Drama [Can’t Lose] and appeared on [Hold My Hand] that aired on MBC from 2013 to 2014. Recently Da Eun appeared on [Heart Signal Season 2], a reality show of young men and women living together, where her cheerful and honest personality won her popularity. She is a rising star appearing on commercials and web dramas. 

Nick & Sammy Watch youtube video

Nick & Sammy is a pop singer/songwriting duo unearthed by one of Korea’s best songwriter Kim Hyeong-seok. The duo doesn’t only play instruments themselves, but produce their own music. They gained attention even before their official debut by covering K-pop songs in their unique style. Their second EP album released last January is helping them gain traction at home and abroad. 

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