JIMFF Busker Festival 2018
JIMFF Busker Festival 2018
Date : 12:00 ~ 18:30 10. Aug(Fri) ~ 13. Aug(Mon), 2018 / Place : Megabox Jecheon Stage, Jecheon City Cultural Center Stage, Uirimji Stage, Jecheon City Area


JIMFF Busker Festival, the so-called Street Musician Festival is a special music program of JIMFF that introduces competent musicians and meet the audience from the closest distance. During the Jecheon International Music Film Festival, where you can enjoy film and music at once, musicians fill various places including Uirimji Stage, Megabox Jecheon Stage and Jecheon City Cultural Center Stage with music through their performances. In particular, this year’s JIMFF Busker Festival has the newly selected 8 musicians as well as JIMFF Busker Festival musicians from 2017 participate to make a more colorful stage.


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Kim Jae Hoon Watch youtube video

Just with one guitar, he expresses his own songs, pop, k-pop among other music in an acoustic way with his own color. 

He is a singer-songwriter that captures the audience with his playful way of speaking and sweet voice.​

Momentale Watch youtube video

The three musicians band with a singer, a bassist and a keyboardist appeals to many people with its music that is based on Jazz and R&B and lyrics that reflects people who are living in modern society.

Sugar Box Watch youtube video

Sugar box presents the listener with a happy day through their sweet melodies and lyrics, and sparkling sensitivity.

They express Brazilian bossa nova and samba in their own sweet manner.​

EINSTOWN Watch youtube video

Einstown is a trio band that communicates with the audiences through their sturdy structure based on elements of jazz, pop and rock, various rhythms and witty sounds.​

WeAreYoung Watch youtube video

WeAreYoung is a duo singer-songwriter band loved by many for its sweet melody based on acoustic sound with lyrics containing the warm story of youths.​

You Ae Po Watch youtube video

One-person singer-songwriter who sings while playing the piano, capturing the ears of the public with its explosive volume and sensible and rhythmical piano melody.​

HeMeets Watch youtube video

HeMeets is an addictive pop-band that melted various genres including pop, punk, waltz, jazz and acoustic into their own music and unique mysterious charm.​

W24 Watch youtube video

 W24 communicates with the audience with exciting melodies and thrilling lyrics based on modern rock. It’s a 5-person band equipped with talent and good-looking appearances.​

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