4th Night. Purple Night
4th Night. Purple Night
Date : 18:30 13. Aug(Mon), 2018 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Uirim Summer Night’s last night. Tatles as a Beatles tribute band formed to remember the Beatles. Yoon Su Il in the original national singer. Enjoy the last night at Uirimji with these musicians.


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Tatles Watch youtube video

A Beatles tribute band. Four musicians with their own teams got together in Hongdae live club ‘Ta’ and formed a team performing Beatles’ music. They mostly do performances and meet the audience in stages of Jisan Rock Festival, Rainbow Island, Soundholic Festival among others. They use the same instruments, wear same outfits and even are of the same team composition as the Beatles, creating a fantasy that the actual Beatles from the 60s are performing in front of your eyes. Let’s look forward to the appearance of the Beatles on Uirimji stage. 

Yoon Su Il Watch youtube video

Yoon Su Il is Korea’s original handsome singer, influencing the 80s with his national popular song ‘Apartment’. He made his official debut to the music industry with his group sound ‘Yoon Su Il & Cotton Candy’ in 1977. His debut song ‘I Will Not Love’made his into a star, receiving the Most Popular Song Award at MBC Top 10 Music Awards. In 1980, he formed a rock group sound ‘Yoon Su Il Band’ and recorded numerous hit songs including ‘Second Hometown’, ‘Apartment’ and ‘a Fascinating Confession’, and received many awards including the Top Ten Artist Award in the 1st Korea Multicultural Arts Awards and the Multicultural Grand Prix in the 18th Korea Culture Entertainment Awards. He released a total of 24 albums and is still actively performing as Yoon Su Il band. Enjoy his performance in Uirimji. 


Rock ’n’ Roll Grandpa

Ho-tae, the hard-working delivery boy at a fish market in Busan, often plays guitar and sings at his favorite spot, the lighthouse. He runs into his old classmate, Elly. Elly, the former violin prodigy turns out to have serious interests in Rock ‘n’ Roll now. She even takes rather unusual guitar lessons from somewhat strange old folks unknown to her dad. With her insisting that one of them is the vocal of the legendary band, ‘The Legend’, Ho-tae follows Elly to the music class. They, with own secrets, start a strange journey together.  

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