2nd Night. Red Night
2nd Night. Red Night
Date : 18:30 11. Aug(Sat), 2018 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Red Night with deep blues rhythm and deep emotion. Saturday night of festival will be ripe with soul & blues music of ‘Sinchon Blues’ and ‘Band Soultrain’. 

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Band Soultrain Watch youtube video

Band Soultrain is a soul and blues band consisting of 8 people. In 2010~2011 ‘JISAN VALLEY ROCK FESTIVAL’, they met the audience as ‘CHUMCHOOJA’ that is ‘KIM CHOO JA’ tribute band. They released their 1st full album, [Band Soultrain](2011) and 2nd album, [2nd station](2015). They have participated in many kinds of music festivals such as ‘JARASUM MUSICAL FESTIVAL’, ‘JARASUM VOYAGE’ in South Korea and ‘Kawasaki Jazz Festival’ in Japan. Uirimji Stage will be filled with Soultrain’s music. 

Sinchon Blues Watch youtube video

Sinchon Blues is the pride of the South Korean blues band formed in 1986. They have established their own colors and musical qualities by pursuing experimental music for over 30 years. Adding reggae and jazz to the existing blues music, their music has formed a bond of sympathy with several generations. Recently, they released 30th anniversary album and went on tour to eight cities. This summer, you can meet them on Uirimji stage.



Trip of the Blues

The film follows the music and life of Um In-ho of Sinchon Blues. He has lived only for music, even though he born in 1952, experienced turmoil moments after the Korean War. He had performed in nightclubs long and had his debut late, but kept his creativity. Once a famous singer, he is now recognized by just few people. But still, he is on the stage, sings and writes songs. The film shows not only music but also how a human being finds the reason to be, overcoming downhill through music. ​< Supported by JIMFF 2017 Music Film Project Promotion >


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