1st Night. Blue Night
1st Night. Blue Night
Date : 18:30 10. Aug(Fri), 2018 / Place : Uirimji Stage


ADOY’s music is based on Synthpop, securing both musicality and popularity at the same time, and SE SO NEON’s music has a wide spectrum. Royal blue was the trendy color of the time when the style of music of their pursuit was popular. At Uirimji, you will be able to go back in time to the period of that music. 

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ADOY Watch youtube video

ADOY is a rare band that secures both musicality and popularity based on Synthpop. Its first EP [CATNIP] released in 2017 was well-received by the music industry and fans from home and abroad with its refined sound and melody. It gained much attention starting from their debut with their own colors during live performances at Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, [Space GongGam], [Naver On Stage], [You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook] and UK’s TGE Festival among others. You can meet ADOY, a band that there is much to look forward to, at Uirimji stage. 

SE SO NEON Watch youtube video

Gangto (drums), Moon Fancy (base) and Hwang So-yoon (guitar/vocalist) make up the three-person band. The ‘SE’ in the name stands for ‘new’, as well as a ’flying bird’. Their music of LoFi texture and vintage feeling has a wide musical spectrum that penetrates through various genres and they perform a very ‘SE SO NEON-like’ music with their own color. The band was formed early 2016, and they have started to be known with the music video of their debut single ‘Long Dream’ released in June, 2017. Since the release of their EP [Summer Plumage] in October of the same year, they received two awards including the Rookie of the Year Award in Korea Music Awards. Meanwhile, all of their show tickets sell out within one minute, placing them at the center of the talk about indie music. Recently, they have been expanding their area to overseas countries as they were invited to perform in Taiwan, the Netherlands, Belgium and Japan. 


Two Lights: Relumino

In a photography club, In-soo who is losing his sight meets Soo-young who also has a sight disability. He is attracted to her who is confident unlike him who is becoming timid. Can they be lights for each other after shooting three times and meeting five times?


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