Eternal Summer Night
Eternal Summer Night
Date : 20:00 12. Aug(Sun) / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


One Summer Night’s last night, ‘Eternal Summer Night’ will soothe those who are not ready to say goodbye.
‘KIM YEON WOO’, our time’s best vocalist who heals and moves people’s heart with his singing; ‘SORAN’, ‘SORAN-style detailed and lovely lyric’ and ‘SORAN-style pop’ without any barrier of genre; and ‘MARTIN SMITH’, pop duo that sings a whole movie with music containing the thrill of love and break-ups. ‘Eternal Summer Night’ will remain in our hearts long after the end of summer.

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[Cinema Concert with band SINSUM]

band SINSUM, an eco-friendly band of six members formed in 2009, performs without using any electric instruments. The band presents relaxing music that resembles the sounds of the nature by performing with percussion instruments from across the world, an acoustic guitar, an acoustic bass guitar, a violin and an accordion. The band won the First Prize at JIMFF Busker Festival 2011. In 2012, they performed at the JIMFF Cinema Concert for the first time as a Korean musician, and since have played for multiple silent film screenings. Their feature-length albums include [Mangwon-dong Romani](2012) and [The Road Home](2017).

KIM YEON WOO Watch youtube video

A man called god. GOD YEON WOO! The best vocalist of our time, KIM YEON WOO, whose music heals broken souls and moves people’s heart, will sing at the grand finale of ‘One Summer Night’. He has become one of best singers in Korea with great songs including ‘Is it still beautiful’, ‘Love, that common word’, and ‘Parting Taxi’; and his appearance in music shows like [King of Mask Singer] and [I Am a Singer]. Don’t miss out this special experience at the beautiful scenery of Cheounpung lakeside.

SORAN Watch youtube video

‘SORAN’ is a band that presents ‘SORAN-style detailed and lovely lyrics’ and ‘SORAN-style pop’ that encompasses a wide range of genres. Their music is loved by many because of its power to soothe the listeners and also make them laugh. As the all music festivals’ most wanted band, they are known to stage well-made performances and are establishing a solid foothold as a blue chip in the concert. 

MARTIN SMITH Watch youtube video

MARTIN SMITH is a singer-songwriter duo made up of vocalist/guitarist Jeon Tae-won and main vocalist Jeong Hyuk that makes trendy pop music. When they appeared on Mnet [Superstar K7] in 2015, juries commented that ‘they know how to do music’ and ‘their music was refined’. The duo made their official debut with the digital single ‘I Wanna Know’ in May 2016. The quality of their music was once again recognized with their first EP album [SLATE] released in 2018. 


The Cameraman

Buster spends days taking snap shots of people on street. One day, he gets attracted by a pretty lady in one of the pictures he took. In unstoppable crush on her, he manages to figure out that she works at the office of MGM Newsreel. In order to get noticed by MGM, he struggles to operate a camera he is not even familiar with. 

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