Midnight Vibe
Midnight Vibe
Date : 20:00 11. Aug(Sat) / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


A night where everyone dances under the moonlight, ‘Midnight Vibe’
A night where everyone dances under the moonlight, ‘Midnight Vibe’ is a groove party presented by ‘Zion. T’, a musician who offers unique interpretations of things that surround us with sentimental melodies and unique voice; ‘HYUKOH’, a band that sings about the freewheeling yet void youth in their own style; and ‘Car, the garden’, who sings about love and youth.

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[Cinema Concert with band SINSUM]

band SINSUM, an eco-friendly band of six members formed in 2009, performs without using any electric instruments. The band presents relaxing music that resembles the sounds of the nature by performing with percussion instruments from across the world, an acoustic guitar, an acoustic bass guitar, a violin and an accordion. The band won the First Prize at JIMFF Busker Festival 2011. In 2012, they performed at the JIMFF Cinema Concert for the first time as a Korean musician, and since have played for multiple silent film screenings. Their feature-length albums include [Mangwon-dong Romani](2012) and [The Road Home](2017).

Zion. T Watch youtube video

Zion. T is a musician who produces his own songs with unique sentiments, sings with his one-of-a kind voice, and expresses himself and his music on stage with his unique gestures and style. He is also known for producing albums full of exceptional quality songs. Zion. T comes back to ‘One Summer Night’ for the first time in five years since 2013.  

HYUKOH Watch youtube video

HYUKOH is formed of OHHYUK (Vocal/Guitar), putting as the center, INWOO (Drum), HYUNJAE (Guitar), and DONGGEON (Bass), all were born in 1993. Stylish ‘HYUKOH’ has established its position that depicts freedom and emptiness of young consistently well through not only music but also image, video, performance, and fashion. In May 2018, HYUKOH has released new EP album [24: How to find true love and happiness], and the band has prepared its world tour in nearly 50 cities during the latter half of this year.

Car, the garden Watch youtube video

‘Car, the garden’ made his debut with the single ‘Bus Stop’ in 2013 and he released the EP album [Jackasoul] in 2014. Broadening his musical spectrum, he changed his name in 2016 from ‘CHA JUNG WON’ to ‘Car, the garden’, which is a witty word-for-word translation of his name. Car, the garden released his first album [Photographer] in 2015, and it caught the eye with his own musical style. Last year, he released a studio album [APARTMENT] and finished the tour in South Korea successfully.


Behind the Screen

 Charlie is an overworked labourer at a film studio who helps a young woman find work even while his coworkers strike against his tyrannical boss.​

The Adventurer

The Little Tramp escapes from prison, saves a girl and her mother from drowning, and creates havoc at a swank party. 

Easy Street

A reformed Tramp becomes a police constable who must fight a huge thug who dominates an inner-city street. 

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