Special Curator Project – PICK UP THE MUSIC
Special Curator Project – PICK UP THE MUSIC
Date : 20:00 10. Aug(Fri) / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


‘PICK UP THE MUSIC’, where film and music meet, where cineastes discuss music
In our special curator project ‘PICK UP THE MUSIC’, movie actors introduce musicians, talk about the musicians’ stories as well as their own ones. This is year’s program consists of three sections: ‘Park Hae Il Curated Bek Hyunjin’, ‘Yoon je moon Curated Seedless Watermelon Kim and CR Taegyu’, and ‘SU AE Curated N E L L’.

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[Musical Performance] TONUS TRIO

TONUS TRIO, which has been continuing its activities as the best trio in Korea since its founding in 2001, is consisted of the best performers of Korea fostered at New England Conservatory, such as violinist Yang Kowoon and cellist Lee Kangho. In 2012, as pianist Joo Hee sung joined the trio, Tonus trio made a big impression by raising the stage of ‘Russian Legacy’, which shows the treasures of Russian composers to the world. In 2017, they completed the performance of Brahms piano trio. 

Park Hae Il (Special Curator)

Park Hae Il is a multifaceted actor who cannot be placed in a single category and leaves you wanting to know more about him. He joins the 14th JIMFF as the special curator of ‘One Summer Night’. Let’s meet him at the Cheongpung Lakeside Stage and see what he has to talk about artists.

Yoon je moon (Special Curator)

Yoon je moon is one of the most versatile actors with a wide acting range from charismatic characters to a high school girl. As an actor who has been expanding his territory from the theater, filmdom and now ‘One Summer Night’, he will take us on a journey to the stories of the musicians. 

SU AE (Special Curator)

SU AE, who has been expanding her filmography with her elegant look, soothing voice and her signature calm acting style, joins us this year as a special curator. As an actor who has shown constant passion towards acting, art and music, she will share with us about what music means to actors and about the people who create music. 

N E L L Watch youtube video

As one of Korea’s best modern rock bands, N E L L has mesmerized the audience with its signature ‘dreamy’ music, exquisite shows, and outstanding sound. Their distinctive music style and live performances are enough to prove that they are unrivaled. At the 14th JIMFF, we will get to experience their sentimental music and colorful stage and be a part of the show.

Bek Hyunjin Watch youtube video

Bek Hyunjin is an artist, musician an actor. In particular, he is praised for his artworks and music. He is also known to have been acclaimed by the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch. 

Seedless Watermelon Kim Watch youtube video

‘Seedless Watermelon Kim’ is blues singer-songwriter Kim Dae-jung’s ‘blues nickname’. Singing at a café after some drinks motivated him to start singing professionally in his mid-30’s. He became known for spicing up American blues from the 30s and 40s with Korean folk and trot music. At ‘PICK UP THE MUSIC’, he will come to the audience through his joint performance with CR Taegyu. 

CR Taegyu Watch youtube video

CR Taegyu is a blues guitarist and singer-songwriter. In 2004, he formed a blues band. In 2011, he released his first solo album [CR BLUES], and started soloing in earnest while introducing the early 20th century country style slides guitar blues. His 2012 album [Blues, the Blues] included a song titled ‘Literally Blues’, where he demonstrated his talent and presence with exciting slide guitar playing and firm voice. His album [Loss], released in 2014, was acclaimed for having established the ‘Blues of CR Taegyu’ by combining the legacy of Delta blues and his own lyricism. In ‘PICK UP THE MUSIC’, he is preparing for a joint stage with Seedless Watermelon Kim. 


Tan Dun: Martial Arts Trilogy

World-renowned composer & conductor Tan Dun has had the honor of composing film music for three films by critically acclaimed directors: Ang Lee, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Zhang Yimou, Hero, and Feng Xiaogang, The Banquet. Combining the ancient tradition of Chinese martial arts philosophy and visual arts, the films were all received with high praise worldwide. The Martial Arts Trilogy, performed by acclaimed Tonus Trio will combine sonatas and multimedia to rediscover the spirit of Chinese martial arts. The work consists of: Crouching Tiger Sonata, Hero Sonata, The Banquet Sonata and The Triple Resurrection Trio.






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