4th Night. Misty Emotion
4th Night. Misty Emotion
Date : 18:30 14. Aug(Mon) / Place : Uirimji Stage


The Sentimental duo MeloMance and Jung Seung-Hwan will share the last night of Uirim Summer Night with their sensitive performance, making your summer night full of moisture!  

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MeloMance Watch youtube video

Soft harmony of skill and popularity, MeloMance.
A sentimental duo, consisted with Kim Min Seok, a vocal of serene voice singing precious memories and Jung Dong Whan, a pianist who plays songs with soft and warm love. They are gaining popularity with their solid skill, moisturing the audiences’ heart with their soft music.  

BARGAINVIRUS Watch youtube video

Acoustic male trio is singing trivial daily life and ordinary love story with their rolling melodies and in-depth lyrics.

Jung Seung-Hwan Watch youtube video

Jung Seung-Hwan, a Singer who loves people and sing songs of them.

He is young but have enough voice to sing songs of deep and wide sight. He just started to share his own stories with serious and clear voice. Many people will be fascinate by his sensitive walk of music and life.​ 

Hoksimolla Watch youtube video

A male duo with simple organization of acoustic guitar. They are making good harmony and cool music with their plain but impressive melodies.


The Children of Starlight Orchestra

There is a small elementary school where all 40 students are orchestra members at the countryside of Gangwon province. Sang-woo, who dreams of becoming a comedian, Yeon-woo, who dreams of becoming a music therapist, and many other children grow little by little through overcoming tough orchestra practices. With beautiful music and hope, children of the Starlight Orchestra are growing with bigger dreams. 

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