3rd Night. Sparkling Summer
3rd Night. Sparkling Summer
Date : 18:30 13. Aug(Sun), 2017 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Uirim Summer Night’s third night. The ADE and SUGARBOWL came back with their mature and deep sensitivity. The audience should sing songs with them, this summer night! 

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The ADE Watch youtube video

Pure, clear and natural sensitivity, The ADE.
A mixed duo of vocal And Da Eun with appealing voce, Songwriter and guitarist Kim Gyu Nyun. Decided to make fresh start as The ADE from Acoustic Collabo, this duo came back with more mature and deep sensitivity and making their own music world with constant career-building.​​

Smoking Goose Watch youtube video

A adventurous band who always tries to communicate with audience with their ‘never-boring’ direct Punk rock, absorbing other genres such as alternative, reggae, hard rock and so on.​


SUGARBOWL Watch youtube video

Sparkling and sweet, SUGARBOWL.

As a representative and sensitive band of Indie music scene at Hongdae, SUGARBOWL visits JIMFF with their music of sweet lyric and rhythmical melody. Their delicate lyrics and widen musical spectrum will make audience heart move deeper, at the middle of summer night.​​

Variantia Watch youtube video

A singer-songwriter who have lots of fans with songs of strong personality and restrictedness, and romantic voice.


Dixie Land

​Waves of the Black Sea are crashing against the pier, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Children’s orchestra ‘Dixie land’ is playing a march. The teacher is listening. It seems that the happiness will last forever, but growing up is inevitable. Medals and orchestral instruments are glittering in the sun, but every child has their personal destiny.​​

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