2nd Night. Blossoming Youth
2nd Night. Blossoming Youth
Date : 18:30 12. Aug(Sat), 2017 / Place : Uirimji Stage


A second night of Uirim Summer Night. Yun Ddan Ddan, a rookie of recent indie music scene and charming SORAN will go on the stage. Transparent summer night, full of romance and sensibility of youth. 

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Yun Ddan Ddan Watch youtube video

A boy who lives next door, playing guitar and singing songs.

Yun Ddan Ddan is a singer songwriter who make his songs and lyrics with his unique tone and thoughts in day life. His restful voice and colorful performances are making him grow as an established artist at the scene.​

KI MYUN SEUNG Watch youtube video

A sweet and cheerful singer songwriter who makes songs stand on the basis of acoustic pop genre, which are easy to listen and sing. 

Marmalade kitchen Watch youtube video

A duo consisted of Leader & song writer Linydaddy and vocal Dally. Marmalade kitchen will present warm and sweet musical recipe. 

SORAN Watch youtube video

SORAN, who will present you the most perfect day.

SORAN, an attractive and sensitive singer, is gaining audience’s sympathy with her lovely lyrics and melodies. With her various musical attempt,SORAN shows more widen music and promises a perfect day presenting her well-made music.​



Ban’s jazz band was fired from the club just because they don’t have a singer. On the same day, they met a would-be idol, Yu-me. They start talking about their dreams. What will they choose between a turtle from the ocean or a turtle in a water tank? 

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