DIVA Night
DIVA Night
Date : 20:00 11. Aug(Fri) / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


Night of female musicians with unrivaled music world and charming voice colors, DIVA Night!
The first night of One Summer Night that will fill your night with charming voice colors.
Soulful sensibility and explosive singing vocalist, GUMMY; started as member of band JAURIM and now solo musician with a unique music world, Kim Yun A; Winner of JIMFFesta 2016 and Korea’s only female Latin band, Cubanism. Performances of a fresh combination unseen anywhere else will unfold on Cheongpung Lakeside Stage.

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[Cinema Concert] Stephen Horne

Stephen has long been considered one of the leading silent film accompanists. A house pianist at London’s BFI Southbank for 30 years, he has played at all the major UK venues and recorded music for many DVD releases of silent films. Although principally a pianist, he often incorporates other instruments into his performances, sometimes simultaneously. He regularly performs internationally and in recent years his accompaniments have met with acclaim at film festivals in Bologna, San Francisco, Paris, Cannes, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Berlin and Vienna.


GUMMY Watch youtube video

Unrivaled female vocalist with a soulful sensibility and explosive singing
GUMMY made her debut in 2003 with her first album [Like Them] and she is one of Korea’s best divas with her deep voice color that moves the heart and her great singing. She participated in the original soundtracks of popular TV dramas [Descendants of the Sun] and [Love in the Moonlight] as well as music entertainment programs such as [I Am a Singer] and [King of Mask Singer] and appealed her presence to the general public. In June, 2017 GUMMY realeased her 5th album [STROKE] in which she unleashed her deepened sensibility and already into her 14th year since her debut, she is a musician that ceaselessly challenges herself as well as shows unrivaled capabilities as a female vocalist.


​website : http://www.c-jes.com

Kim Yun A Watch youtube video

Singer-songwriter with a deeply appealing voice color and unique music world
Kim Yun A first became known to the general public in 1997 as the vocalist of a modern rock band ‘JAURIM’ and she is also a solo singer-songwriter. She wrote lyrics and composed many hit songs starting from the first album of JAURIM and was born again as a whole singer-songwriter by writing lyrics, composing, arranging and producing all songs in her first solo album [Shadow Of Your Smile] in 2001. Her deeply appealing voice, sophisticated style and unique music world is assessed to have even matured in her 4th album [The Pain of Others] released in 2016. Her music world is still extending through various TV drama and film original soundtracks and music entertainment programs.


​website : http://loveyuna.co.kr


Cubanism Watch youtube video

The only Korean female Latin band playing Afro-Cuban
Cubanism won the JIMFFesta 2016 made its debut in 2015 with its single [Huella Nueva] and realesed its EP [Hola] in 2016. Cubanism is a compound word combining‘CUBAN’, which is Latin music, with the suffix‘ism’ that means thoughts and ideas, and is the only Korean female Latin band that play Afro-Cuban. Based on Afro-Cuban that combines Spanish passionate melodies with African rythms, Cubanism conveys Latin American glamorous tunes such as salsa, cha-cha, bolero and merengue as well as attractive vocals.


Member : Kim Min Jeong(Vocal) Sun Ran Hee(Guitar) Shim Jae Young(Bass) Han Song Ee(Drum)

              Jeon Yu Jin(Percussion) Kim Eun Kyeong(Piano) Kim Da Hee(Keyboard)

​website : https://www.facebook.com/cubanismkr


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