Special Curator Project - PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji
Special Curator Project - PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji
Date : 20:00 12. Aug(Sat) / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


Film, stories, music and beautiful scenery merge all in one at PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji!

One Summer Night’s second night with films, music and stories unseen anywhere else!
Special curator and MC, actress Lee Yoon Ji; musician with a determined music world, Park Won; singer-songwriter singing a philosophical and literary perspective, Lucia; and musician that sings sympathy with lyrical tunes and sophisticated melody, Epitone Project. A special night to recommend to those who don’t want miss films, music and talk!​

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[Cinema Concert] Stephen Horne

Stephen has long been considered one of the leading silent film accompanists. A house pianist at London’s BFI Southbank for 30 years, he has played at all the major UK venues and recorded music for many DVD releases of silent films. Although principally a pianist, he often incorporates other instruments into his performances, sometimes simultaneously. He regularly performs internationally and in recent years his accompaniments have met with acclaim at film festivals in Bologna, San Francisco, Paris, Cannes, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Berlin and Vienna.


Lee Yoon Ji (Special Curator)

Actress Lee Yoon Ji was the ambassador of the 7th JIMFF and she has been showing her affection towards the film festival and joining JIMFF since then. This year, she comes to Cheongpung Lakeside Stage as a ‘Special Curator’ for the main music program ‘One Summer Night’. Lee Yoon Ji makes appearances in TV drama, film, theater and TV shows and she is known to be a music fan. You can encounter music recommended by Special Curator and this show’s MC Lee Yoon Ji as well as the stories of musicians.


 website : http://www.namooactors.com

Park Won Watch youtube video

Rising musician with a determined music world
Park Won won the Grand Prize at the ‘Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours’ and started his career in the world of singers in 2010 in the group ‘One more Chance’. ‘I Think About You’ is a shy confession song that brought him much love. In November 2015, he released his first album [Like A Wonder] and presented a successful start as a solo singer with free and deep musical capabilities. Park Won has been active as radio DJ, participating in original soundtracks and appearing in music programs, and in last November, he released his second album [1/24] where he showed a clearly matured music color. He proved to be a trend by having both days of his first exclusive concert since his debut sold out.


​website :  http://www.makeusent.com 

Lucia Watch youtube video

Singer-songwriter singing a philosophical and literary world with beautiful tunes
Lucia won the Golden Prize in 2005 at the [MBC Campus Song Festival] with the band ‘Ascorbic Acid’ in which she was the vocalist. In 2010, she became more known to the general public by being the guest vocalist of ‘Epitone Project’. Later she released her first album [A Room of One’s Own] which she worked with Epitone Project and recently released her EP [Fantasy Pieces Op.1] Philosophical and literary lyrics and her songs that cross between classic and pop present a dream-like faint lingering. One tends to look forward to her coming music that console people with her dream-like voice.


​website : http://simgyuseon.com

Epitone Project Watch youtube video

Lyrical tunes meet electronica. Musician that sing sympathy through sophisticated melodies
Epitone Project is a solo project that made its debut in 2006 with the album [1229] as a lyricist, composer, producer and singer-songwriter. Its sound has a lyrical tone with electronic color over it, which attracted a thick fan base. It participated in original soundtracks including [Master’s Sun] and [Hyde Jekyll, Me] and became a familiar voice to the general public. Its EP [Long Journey] made it to bestseller ranks as soon as it was released and further exclusive performances sold out instantly without any TV appearances. Epitone Project is a skillful musician that freely crosses the border of mainstream and nonmainstream.


​website : https://www.facebook.com/EpitoneProjectPage


Why Worry?

Harold plays wealthy hypochondriac Harold van Pelham, who travels with his private nurse to the fictious island of Paradiso to live blissfully in a warm climate in order to regain his health. In Paradiso, he finds himself in the middle of a revolution, which Harold assumes is being staged as an entertainment for his amusement. With the aide of an 8 feet 9 inch giant named Colosso, Harold crushes the rebellion and the excitement cures him of his imagined ailments. < Why Worry? > is unquestionably one of the Lloyd’s most hilarious comedies.​

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