Date : 20:00 13. Aug(Sun) / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


Night of four musicians with different colors showing the present and future of MYSTIC Entertainment, MYSTIC Night!
Meet the future of MYSTIC Entertainment, one of Korea’s music industries’ pillars today, on the last night of One Summer Night!
Parc Jae Jung, a musician with a powerful voice and deep sensibility; Eddy Kim, excellent guitar playing skills and sweet voice; JANE JANG, singing a free perspective with her unique voice; and PERC%NT, with his solid band sound and charming voice. Recommended to those to want to conclude One Summer Night with a calm note.​

​website : www.mystic89.net

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Parc Jae Jung Watch youtube video

Next generation balladeer with a powerful voice and deep sensibility
Parc Jae Jung is the winner of the 2013 Mnet [SUPERSTAR K5] and he became known to the general public with his stable stage, thick middle and low notes’ voice and deep sensibility. In July 2014, he made his proper debut with his first mini album [Step 1]. He joined MYSTIC Entertainment in 2015 and sang ‘Two Men’, a duet with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, in the following year and this year he participated in ‘Passport’ for [Monthly Project 2017 May Yoon Jong Shin] and showed his sweet voice in his solo song ‘Focus’. Parc Jae Jung will continue his mature and deep music as the next generation ballad singer.

Eddy Kim Watch youtube video

Present progressive musician with excellent guitar playing and song writing skills
Eddy Kim became known to the people as he made it to the top 6 in 2012 Mnet [SUPERSTAR K4]. He was serving the military then, and he made the headlines for his excellent guitar skills as well as his own songs. He demonstrated his abilities as a singer-songwriter by writing lyrics and composing all the songs in his first EP [The Manual] in 2014 and second EP [Sing Sing Sing] in 2015. Recently, he received great responses for his new release of a retro soul genre, ‘Heart Pound’. His music journey is present progressive singles, original soundtrack and performances.

JANE JANG Watch youtube video

Free-spirited musician showing characteristic melodies and a wide range of musical spectrum
JANE JANG appeared in the music world by making it to the top 3 in 2010 Mnet [SUPERSTAR K2] and made a great impression on the general public with her free appearance of singing sitting on the floor and playing the guitar. Characteristic melodies and poetic lyrics were assessed as being ‘like JANE JANG' and revealed her side as a singer-songwriter, and the EPs and singles she released after joining MYSTIC Entertainment in 2013 showed a music color that matured one step further. She will show a wide range of musical spectrum starting with her single [Carmin] containing new attempts.

PERC%NT Watch youtube video

Singer-songwriter acknowledged home and abroad with his charming voice
PERC%NT is a singer-songwriter with a solid band sound and charming voice who made his debut in 2012 as a member of ‘Valencia Court’ and released two mini albums. In 2013, he released his own digital single in [iTunes] and [Spotify] under the name ‘Chris Wilton’ which made it to the music charts introducing his name to overseas as well. In 2014, he joined MYSTIC Entertainment and through his first solo performance ‘Momentum’ and ‘MYSTIC OPEN RUN' stage, he shows he is not only a singer-songwriter but also a performing singer. 


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