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Check out the spectrum of black music! Exciting night with Groove gods, GROOVE Night!
The second night of ONE SUMMER NIGHT with hip-hop and reggae! With Epik High the 1st festival casting group who arouses sing along, Rude Paper who will show you the real reggae music, rising rookies; millic, offonoff and Punchnello of HIGHGRND. The night of festival will be ripe with your GROOVE. ​


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millic is a DJ who makes omnidirectional music, based on future base. He started to make music when he was middle school student who was curious of black music. Carrier as producer consolidated his foundation of music. It has not been long since he made his debut, yet his remixed sound sources are becoming popular. 


offonoff is a duo of singer-songwriter and producer of same age. Their single [mind] and album [mood.] with 6 tracks has been announced through SoundCloud. Characteristic of their music is drowsy but atmospheric mood. They directly take charge of all their works including album producing, lyrics and songs writing, designing album package and visual direction. 


Rapper Punchnello is a young boy who just became 20 years old, but he has been steadily working as musician for years since he was elementary school student, writing lyrics. He announced 5 singles through SoundCloud which was quietly gaining popularity. Recently he is receiving more attention as he joins HIGHGRND, a megatrend hip-hop label nowadays. 

Epik High

A representative hip-hop group Epik High was organized in 2001. Each of their album-from their debut album [Map of the Human Soul](2003) to 8th album [Shoebox] (2014)-has been achieve recognition of internal and external popularity, taking first places of Korean music prizes and i-tunes hip-hop chart of USA. Their unique musical view, literary lyrics, genre crossing sounds and intense performance on stage made them loved by both critics and public. They also performed at ‘2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’, USA. 


Rude Paper

One and only proper future reggae artist
​Rude Paper plays various sound stands on the basis of reggae with their first regular album [Paper Spectrum], after releasing EP [Radio] in 2011. Their second album [Destroy Babylon] shows essence of reggae build on the basis of ‘Roots Reggae’, working with the local musicians. Establishing a solid foothold as global reggae artist, their appealing points are peerless vocal and intense message. They are also the main characters of the Rude Paper : Road to Jamaica, the entry film of 12th JIMFF. ​


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