Part 3
Part 3
Date : 13 Aug (Sat) 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage



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Lee, Han-chul

He stepped into the music world through winning the‘ Grand Prix in MBC College Music Festival’in 1994. He showed up again on stages in the Hong-dae club district as the leader o‘f Bulldog Mansion’in 1999, receiving warm reviews. His new band has brought us fun performances with songs of emotional and acoustic sounds since early this year.

Black Hole

lack Hole has been progressing as a heavy metal band for the past 20 years. Their music expresses Korean emotions through the heavy metal music. Their latest album, , completes their ‘Black Hole style heavy m e t a l’with maturity.


The trendy indie rock band Sixteen’s charm comes from the sophisticated rhythms and harmonies. Their heartwarming lyrics make their music familiar yet hard to imitate. Their new album is produced by Lee, Han-chul.


Casker is the first generation of electronic music in Korea. Acoustic instruments are integrated with electronic sound. Their smooth beat moves from electronica to lounge, and blends jazz, bossa nova and techno. 


Clazziquai; the Symbol of Fragrant Fusion Music. Clazziquai, which comprises classical music, jazz and feelings of groovy music, is showing you authentic electric sound and funky house music. In addition, you can make out the trace o‘f World folk music’which is winning great popularity all over the world in these days.

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