One Summer Night 1 : Memory Night
One Summer Night 1 : Memory Night
Date : 15 Aug (Fri) 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


A shining summer’s evening and an unforgettable night of classic tunes... This is the legendary live band Shinchon Blues and Jung Kyung-hwa, bringing back the spirit of Spring Summer autumn Winter and a strong dose of goodtime memories. 

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Shinchon Blues

Since 1988, Shinchon Blues have been plowing their own musical furrow, fusing reggae, honky-tonk and jazz with a standard blues soundtrack. By always embracing the experimental, Shinchon Blues may never have chased great commercial success, but their unique musical vision has always ensured them a devoted assembly of fans, from young to old.  

Spring Summer Fall Winter

For twenty years, the legendary duo Spring Summer Fall Winter, have brought rock, Latin and fusion jazz together in the era of ballad pops in Korea. Their provoking, message-driven tunes have made them one of the greats of fusion jazz and rock.

Jung Kyung Hwa

After her early career as a member of Shinchon Blues, as a solo, there had been a smash hit song \"An Invitation to Myself\". She made it to the top ranking singer of our time. Her performance on stage is powerful and mesmerizing. On top of that her dynamic vocal shows how splendid a human voice can be or can be simply the best out of all other musical instruments.

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