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Place Choice
Date : 11 Aug (Fri) 17:00 / Place : Hanbyeongnu in Cheongpung Cult



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Eun-Il Kang

The characteristic haegeum player, Kang Eun-il has given the fresh impact to the music circle exquisitely combining Korean traditional music with various genres to expand the limit of expression in collaboration with Bobby Mcfferin, Luciano Pavarotti and Pina Bausch.

Yongho Park

Yongho Park is a master daegeum player, concert master of the KBS Traditional Orchestra and has won Grand Prize at the 1st Seoul Traditional Music Competition. As a professor of the Korean National University of Arts for Korean Traditional Arts, he devotes himself to composition and education.

Jeongmin Seo

A next generation Sorikkun (pansori singer) who has studied under noted singers like Il-ju Lee and Sukseon Ahn. She has actively presented various performances such as C h u n h y a n g g a in Five Noted Singers of the New Generation and full performance of Pansori Sugungga, etc.

Kuei Ja Kim

Grand daughter of Seong Geum-yeon, a master player of gayageum, Kim was born in Tokyo and came to Korea to study Korean traditional music and g a y a g e u m. She graduated the Korean National Academy for Traditional Arts and is recipient of the Grand Prize for the strings in the 2000 KBS Traditional Music Awards Competition.

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