One Summer Night : Breeze Night
One Summer Night : Breeze Night
Date : 16 Aug (Mon) 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


The last evening of One Summer Night is a lavish musical feast for all, a banquet of numerous musical genres that will flow seamlessly like the gentle summer breeze of the Cheongpung Lake.

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Bard is an Irish pop band that has taken part in several festivals and buskings. With the musical novelty created from their unique instruments, it parallels an image of a melodically oasis in our hectic city life and whereby we can take heed of their music and relax and kick back. 


Initially rising to fame with their ‘Happy Bubble’ song used in a commercial, Winterplay has come to be acknowledged. Combining jazz and other genres, Winterplay is the new up and coming stars in the music industry.

Lee Byeong woo

Music director to a legion of films such as The King and the Clown and The Host, Lee Byeong woo is widely known as a fantastic guitar player. See him play as he strings a guitar back and forth between popular and classical music.

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