One Summ er Night : Mix & Match Night
One Summ er Night : Mix & Match Night
Date : 13 Aug (Sat) 20:00~24:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


One Summer Night’s second night will have both a sweetness that will assuage the hot summer evening spent at the lakeside and a powerful dynamic atmosphere that will heat the night up!

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‘Cinema Concert’ Performer - Riley Lee

A Chinese-American born in Plainview, Texas in 1951, Riley Lee traveled to Japan in 1971, and was captivated by Shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese musical instrument. He studied Shakuhachi under Japanese masters for years, and soon gained the title of ‘Great Master’ in 1980. Since 1986, he has arranged various events and academic lectures about Shakuhachi in Australia until now. Riley Lee, releasing over 50 albums of Shakuhachi performance since 1980, has been trying to popularize Shakuhachi with live performances on silent movies of Ozu Yasujiro.

Sweet Sorrow

The harmony of four, sweet types of energy
Sweet Sorrow, who visited the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival in 2011, returns for ONE SUMMER NIGHT. They write, edit, and produce all their albums and make the audience happy with the harmony of voices and are expected to light up the Cheongpung Lakeside Stage through their latest single ‘It’s okay. Leave.’​


A second place winner in a popular cable TV audition program, Cho Moon geun released an EP album this year. Audience can hear his real voice and story through this stage.


Comprised of Gary and Gil, this hip-hop duo has been the driving force behind the hip-hop scene in Korea. They come with an eye-catching performance as well as humor and wit. LeeSSang has brought about a new wave in the hip-hop scene and have gained tremendous popularity through their presence in the entertainment business.

Jung In

A talented female vocalist with a presence of her own, Jung In will captivate the audience of this live stage with her distinctive voice, unique rhythm and soul.

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