One Summ er Night : Feel & Fever Night
One Summ er Night : Feel & Fever Night
Date : 15 Aug (Mon) 20:00~24:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


Sometimes playing sentimental music that touches the heart, sometimes playing music that bursts with powerful energy, this pure live stage will offer something for everyone.

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A punk band with distinct colors and often referred to as a first-generation independent band, Nobrain has acted as the headliner for various festivals with their rough, powerful and vivid sound. Nobrain’s savvy performance will be sure to keep the audience on their feet.


Representative psychedelic band of Korea unique for their overwhelming stage manners and explosive power​
GUCKKASTEN revived a great deal of indie rock mania’s attention from their debut with first EP [Guckkasten] in 2008, as their first formal album was exceptively sold over ten thousand copies, generating a lot of buzz of rock music scene nationwide. Vocal Ha Hyunwoo raised the awareness between various age groups after his appearance of music contest program [I Am A Singer 2] and [King of Mask Singer]. We can say sensuous and dreamlike sound pivoted on vocal’s unrivaled range is a patent of the band. ​



Coming from the depth of his soul to the depths of our hearts, Yi Sung yol is both an artist and an entertainer. His stage will be more than enough to satisfy the musical hunger of the audience.

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