Jecheonon Live Choice : Artist Choice - Woman’s Music document
Jecheonon Live Choice : Artist Choice - Woman’s Music document
Date : 12 Aug (Fri) 24:00~13 Aug (Sat) 02:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lake Art Hall


A special live performance where audience can enjoy a wide spectrum of diverse music by female musicians of the independent music scene!

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Gentle and witty organic sound that soothes damaged souls
KIM YOONJU and PARK SEJIN, who are two friends of the same age, form the female duo of OKDAL and sing of simple emotions with natural lyrics based on acoustic sound, which makes them easily approachable to all. Their music will be accompanied by rich, witty dialog exclusive to a live performance to soothe the hearts of the audience who come to Cheongpung Lakeside.​


A girl-like artist of her own world, deb is a talented musician who encompasses a wide range of musical styles. Her music is at times subtle yet cheerful and at times bold. Music fans can check her music and world out on this stage.


ne of the female musicians to watch for is SMACKSOFT with her attention-drawing albums. Intricate and yet explosive with a distinctive sentimentality and aura, her stage will be filled with contagious energy.​

Look & Listen

Look & Listen will enchant the audience with their vivacious sound and delightful stage manners. Their lively image, youthfully rebellious sound and friendly melodies will refresh the evening.

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