Jecheonon Live Choice : Genre Choice - Four colors and Four Stories
Jecheonon Live Choice : Genre Choice - Four colors and Four Stories
Date : 13 Aug (Sat) 24:00~14 Aug (Sun) 02:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lake Art Hall


A live stage where one can experience the diverse music genres of the independent music scene all at the same day!!

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9 and the Numbers

9 and the Numbers is a retro sound band that will have many in the audience recall old memories. Their frank and simple sound combined with the sentimental lyrics will be enjoyed by everyone, young and not so young alike.


This four-member rock band says it wants to create music that will be remembered with the heart. It does so with its robust music and performance. Unlike the name, which means ‘disturbance’ in Korean, its music has a warm and comfortable sound.

La Ventana

La Ventana is a five-member band of the Nuevo Tango genre that adds a Korean twist to the tango techniques of Argentina. This stage will bring a sensual and romantic Latin American air to the evening.

Jung Mina

Jung Mina has opened a new page in the world music genre with her east-meets-west sound using a traditional instrument, gayageum, to play modern music. She graces this year’s JIMFF with Fantastic Modern Gayagumer she stars in.

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