One Summer Night : Acoustic Night
One Summer Night : Acoustic Night
Date : 13 Aug(Mon) 20:00~24:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


 Marketa Irglova, the heroine of the famous music film Once, is about to make her first visit to Korea. Second Moon will cool down the heat of Cheongpung Lakeside Stage a little bit with their calm and soft music.​

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An ethnic fusion bank Second Moon has tried to play world’s music under the slogan, ‘Approach many countries’ folk music from various angles and let everybody become familiar with it’. Their **begin**ning was not so glorious, but critics and listeners understood their effort and value. They won 3 awards at Korean Music Award in 2006 and their album was picked as one of the 100 greatest albums of Korean popular music. In 2007, they left supports from fans behind and flew to Ireland. After the trip, they temporarily split into two units; ‘Alice in Never Land’ and ‘Bard’ for further music experiment. Finally this summer, Second Moon will arise again. All the 7 original members participated in this album, which are expected to bring a new and fresh wave to Korean music industry in August. They will take the JIMFF 2012 as the gate for their come back and meet long-awaited fans there.
Member: Hyeon-bo Kim(Guitar, Mandolin), Jin-woo Park(Bass), Hye-ri Park(Keyboard, Irish Whistle), Jin-gyeong Choi(Keyboard, Melodeon), Seon-yeol Baek(Drum, Percussion), Lynda Cullen(Vocal, Acoustic Guitar), Yun-jeong Jo(Violin)


Marketa Irglova, the female lead of the famous film Once, has been busy performing as a band member. Now, she is heading for Jecheon to have her very first solo concert in Korea.​

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