Date : 16 Aug(Fri) 20:00~23:30 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage


Leading singers of Korea will take you away with four love stories on the second romantic summer night! VIBE with their captivating voice, LYn, with an attractive unique voice, M.C the MAX who have come back after a long absence with appealing singing, and Sweet Sorrow with their sweet harmony and soft energy. The four artists of MUSIC&NEW will present a bittersweet performance on their fi rst concert together at the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival.​

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M.C the MAX

An emotional rock band that matured as much as they’ve been away
M.C the MAX returns after a long break to perform live at the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. Made up of ISU, Min Hyuk, and J. Yoon, M.C the MAX has been loved for their soulful ballads supported by outstanding playing and unrivaled singing. They are set to fi ll the banks of Cheongpung Lakeside with emotion for music fans that have been waiting for their beautiful songs.​


Bittersweet love stories told with an attractive voice
Female singer LYn, with her attractive low voice, made her debut with [My First Confession] in 2001 and appealed to fans with her heartbreaking but sweet songs like ‘We Loved’, ‘True Story’ and light and cheerful songs like ‘Charmer’ and ‘Honey, Baby, My Love’. Her patented heartbreaking songs and attractive voice will heighten the sensitivity of the audience who have come for ONE SUMMER NIGHT.​


The best Korean R&B duo sing love stories with ardent voices
In 2002, VIBE, made up of composer and producer Ryu Jae Hyun and the powerful singer Yoon Min Soo, became a sensation with their song ‘One More Time Even Though I Hate You’ and have been defi ning Korean R&B with songs like ‘While Looking at Photographs‘, ‘It’s a Drink’, and ‘That Man, That Woman’ They will enrich the audience who have come to visit Cheongpung Lakeside with their appealing voices and heart-touching lyrics.​

Sweet Sorrow

The harmony of four, sweet types of energy
Sweet Sorrow, who visited the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival in 2011, returns for ONE SUMMER NIGHT. They write, edit, and produce all their albums and make the audience happy with the harmony of voices and are expected to light up the Cheongpung Lakeside Stage through their latest single ‘It’s okay. Leave.’​

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