UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 2nd Night - Rock, Tango, and Film Music
UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 2nd Night - Rock, Tango, and Film Music
Date : Aug. 15(Sat) 19:00 / Place : Megabox Jecheon 1


Explosing rock music, sensual tango music, two genres that completely not seem to match will make collaboration. The stage of the rising rookie rock band "Reflex" and mature one sensuality of tango jazz band "Salon de O Su Kyung” can be seen in uirimji Stage. In addition, Film music concert of “Han Jae Kwon, the master of the Korean Film Music and his band” also waiting for you.

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Instinctive Rock Band, Delicate balance of various genres, Overwhelming performance 
Reflex is comprised of a vocalist and a guitarist Jo Gyou Hyun, a guitarist Hong Seok Won, a bassist Byun Hyung Woo and a drummer Shin Dong Yeon. Reflex pursues unique rock sound with bold. You can intuitively discover the unique identity through lyrics that are honest and straight forward, and powerful sound infused with delicate sensuality.​

Film Music Concert by Han Jae Kwon

The Film musician Han Jae Kwon’s special stage that makes you remind the excitement of the movie that remains in your mind with his own film music.
Since his debut in '1997, film musician Han Jae Kwon has shown broad activity in many films. This concert will be a good chance to enjoy his orchestra-based film music arranged to band format. It will match perfectly to scenery of Euirimji and characteristics of Jecheon International Music & Film Festival.​

Salon de O Su Kyung

Tango, jazz and world music ensemble based composer 'Salon de O Su Kyung’
If you like indie music in Korea, Her face is enough to know the name, O Su Kyung the Piano session. She comes with piano, cello, violin, double bass players as "Salon de O Su Kyung” and have shown a new look to the classic and tango music continues with a current Vol.1 [Salon de Tango] ​

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