UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 4th Night - Hall of Fame, Second Project Kim Jung Ho “White Butterfly
UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 4th Night - Hall of Fame, Second Project Kim Jung Ho “White Butterfly
Date : Aug. 17(Mon) 19:00 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Last year, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival and ‘Singer-songwriter association of Korea’ raised the bar for the tribute concert for the very first hippie and singer songwriter in Korea ‘Handaesu.’ And this year, the second project of tribute concert will be opened for Kim Jung Ho, who was a member of ‘April May’, ‘Onions’. Many younger singers will stand on a stage for tribute him. 

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Kim Hyeon-seong

His music always inspired other musicians. His colleagues always treasured his songs and the cover versions of his songs finally reached to every one of us. As Yoon Do-hyeon or Ahn Chi-whan, the late Kim Kwang-seok was standing as one among them. As they could be huge tide, Kim Hyeon-seong can be told as the wave source. Far before the version of Kim Kwangseok, we would reach about the whole back story when the masterpiece has just created. 

Hong Min

In the 1970s, Myeong-dong, Moohgyo-dong was the hip place which has those named music café. Hong Min has a mother who was a classic singer and she gave him both genetic, non-genetic influence and the blessed beautiful low voice was just fascinating to everyone that just made him a beloved singer. His covers were loved by everyone and among them, ‘Farewell’ which is translated north Italian song was their favorite for the decade. 

Yang Ha-young

In 1970 and 1980, there were two great landmark of Korean pop. One was “Cest si bon” and the other one was “Cherbourg”. Each of them casted out several grand maestro who leaded one era of Korean pop history. The Great Yang Ha-young is one of the heroes and her voice itself just can represent all the music around that time. Still, she sings like legendary and her voice color just fully reflect the angelic character of hers just as told from all the crews around her. And we just sure that you would be healed from the bottom of the heart when you hear her songs.

Hah Nam-Suk

We should remember who we need to. Kim Jung Ho is one of the worthy musician not only for the listeners but more for those musicians. Here, these all great masters gathered together to have a memorial concert for him, Mr. Hah Nam-Suk is the most representative musician who’s enough to be told as a legacy of the great Kim Jung Ho. Mr. Hah has his well famed soft voice and outstanding song writing capability and such he announced 14th regular album 2 years ago when he was 62 years old. Most of all, we can feel the deepest scent of Kim Jung Ho through Mr. Hah’s memory. 

Shin Hyon-dae

Shin Hyon-dae well known as a mountain climber and a singer/songwriter. His voice is pure like the great nature, his guitar is free and gentle like the mountain breeze, his melody is beautiful as high sky, and his lyrics is calm and warm like the mountain. Once his voice is heard, his fame will be understood without a doubt.

Lee Dong-eun

Lee Dong-eun who was the lead singer of band ‘Azure’. His passionate voice just make us can do nothing but to listen to his music. Although he got his sense, he got his look, he got his talk, and he got his great talent to make up a song but his ultimate vocal capability just make them to tell him as one great singer. 

Cho Jin-won

Cho Jin-won is one of the world Top 3 Scientist in micro biology field and in a same time, is one who has the most capable songwriter all over the Korea-peninsula. He just announced less than 10 songs for his life but everyone knows at least one of his songs, and it shows just how a great songwriter he is. A month ago, such he released his first own album [This Song of Mine Will Become a Celestial Wave, My Children] which contains 8 songs and 1 inst. 

Kim Kwang jin

Songs like ‘The Magic Castle’, ‘The letter’ will represent him enough and needs no other colorful explanation. There will be no argues with that he is one of the best singer-songwriter in this age. His voice shows nothing but the sincerity and there's nothing to add or deduct. The honest voice will just go right through your heart and make you feel like floating in a dream land. 

Cha Yeoul Band

Nowadays, the number of youth team will soon reach to a thousand. In the flood of these challengers, it would be hard to select out who’s good or who’s not. Then, this bold Cha Yeoul Band can be a good choice to give a try. Most of these twenties got only sparkling idea but what they got is just those rough skills that’s just not enough to build up what they wanted to do. But among them, Cha Yeoul Band just shine so brightly with all those well refined skills to make them one of the top of these youths. 

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