Muse on the lake
Muse on the lake
Date : Aug.12(Fri) 19:00 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Uirimji stage will be host for music muses including Gonne Choi-the most noteworthy female singer-songwriter in the music scene these days, A’Zbus-rookie rock band with an impressive charisma of the female vocal, and Biuret-dreamy, sexy, charming rock band.

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Biuret, a rock band with a strong, captivating, violet fatal charm​
Biuret means “Beautiful Violet”. Since the rock band was formed in 2002, it performed in various venues including Oasis’s show opening in Korea in 2006, won the “Sutasi” in 2009 and was invited to various festivals in the UK, Australia and India. Biuret was not seen as much since 2011, but made their comeback in 2015, proving Korea’s female vocal rock bands are still strong. The violet stage in Uirimji will not let you down.​

Gonne Choi

Singer-songwriter Gonne Choi made her debut in October 2010 with her first EP [36.5°C] and was selected as ‘Hello Rookie’ in EBS [Space Gonggam] in 2011. She makes music in different genres including folk, world music, jazz and rock with her unique voice and breath. She participates not only in major Korean music festivals but she is also invited to overseas events such as the German ‘Songs and Whispers’, won the Fuji TV’s [Asia Versus] and was invited to the Glastonbury Festival for two years in a row. Uirimji Stage will be filled with Gonne Choi’s gentle sensibility and power. 


A’Zbus is a mixed-gender rock band with Woojoo (vocal & guitar), WOO Suk-jae (bass) and KANG Tae-geun (drum). They made their debut in April 2014 with their first EP [Smilecry] and won awards in EBS “Hello Rookie of the Year” and grand prize at the K-Rookies, enjoying the best year as a new band. In 2015, they made an appearance in “Top Band 3” leaving a strong impression and continued to perform not only at Korean rock festivals but international ones as well. Meet the powerful stage of the band that has more to come in their future.

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