UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 2nd Night - Rock, Jazz, and Film Music
UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 2nd Night - Rock, Jazz, and Film Music
Date : Aug.13(Sat) 19:00 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Enjoy the performances of noteworthy rookies of specific genres as well as film music concert by music film masters. There will be performances by April 2nd, a synth rock band, and A-Fuzz, a fusion jazz band. CHO Sung-woo, music director and master of Korean film music will host a film music concert.

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Fusion jazz sound with a strong foundation
A-Fuzz is a fusion jazz band consisting of four ladies who approach the audiences with an impressive and catchy melody. In 2015, they released their first EP “Fading Lights” and won grand prize in “Hello Rookie of the Year 2015” and “K-Rookies”, rising as the most noteworthy rookie of 2015. A-Fuzz mixes various genres adding funk rhythm and rock sound to the foundation of jazz and is praised by critics for their extraordinary performance skills. Although they have no vocalist, they have the power to overwhelm the audience. Their stage at Uirimji will be something to look forward to.​


Film Music Concert by Cho Sung-woo

Music director Cho Sung-woo made his debut in 1995 with the film “Runaway” directed by Kim Sung-soo. Since then, he has been leading Korea’s industry as a master of film music and was the music director of close to 60 films including Christmas in August, Memento Mori, Nowhere to Hide, Last Present, One Fine Spring Day, April Snow, Duelist and Late Autumn. Film Music Concert by Cho Sung-woo at the Uirim Summer Night stage will be a meaningful time where you can listen to various film music and reminisce the memories of great masterpieces.

April 2nd

Stylish synth rock band with unrivaled charm
April 2nd is a synth rock band consisting of KIM Gyeong-hee (vocal & synth), MOON Dae-gwang (guitar), MOON Woo-gun (bass) and SHIN Jae-young (drum). They captivated the attention of the audience and critics with their distinct voice color, unrivaled guitar riffs and sensitive sound and have been proving their musical capabilities by winning various awards in EBS Space Gonggam Hello Rookie and KT&G Band Discovery as well as major competitions in Hongdae and Hard Rock Cafe Band Competition.​

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