UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 3rd Night - Hall of Fame, Third Project “Letters from the private soldier”
UIRIM SUMMER NIGHT : 3rd Night - Hall of Fame, Third Project “Letters from the private soldier”
Date : Aug.14(Sun) 19:00 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Since 2014, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival and Korean Singer-songwriter association have been raised the tribute concert “Hall of Fame” for every year to honor a noteworthy artist who should be reminded in the field of modern music history. This year, 2016 is especially the 20th anniversary since his last breath, we decided to tribute Kim Kwang-Suk as an icon of sympathy and communication. But as his singings came out from many other roots such as company musicians, original song writers, and poetries, we may have deeper communion through the original artists. It surely is better than any other simple replays of his old songs or covers.

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Kim Hyeon-seong

His music always inspired other musicians. His colleagues always treasured his songs and the cover versions of his songs finally reached to every one of us. As Yoon Do-hyeon or Ahn Chi-whan, the late Kim Kwang-seok was standing as one among them. As they could be huge tide, Kim Hyeon-seong can be told as the wave source. Far before the version of Kim Kwangseok, we would reach about the whole back story when the masterpiece has just created. 


As one of the very first driving force, they built up ‘Hong-Dae Street’ from nothing. The late Kim Kwangseok just insisted to have concerts only at little theaters, because there was the real true communion between the audiences. That spiritual seed just grew up as many trees including T.A-COPY, and now they become a great forest of ‘Hong-Dae Street’ indie musician. As the only junior colleague of this years’ tribute crew, let’s listen to their story with their rough and powerful sound. 

The Zoo

One of the era-leading bands of Korea which Kim Kwang-seok and his old friends founded up. Like [Letters to the cloudy sky], [Everything changes], [HyaeHwa], [On the Street], [Been loved you, but], almost half of Kim Kwang-seok’s hit numbers are presented when he was a member of ‘The Zoo’. Just wonder what conversations had been come and go while they give Kim Kwang-seok such great masterpieces. We just go back to the time with ‘The Zoo’. 

Baek Chang-woo

He can sing, he can lyric, he can write, so that makes him just a perfect singer/songwriter but he introduces himself as a poet. Normally a singer/songwriter shows more integrity than just a technical singer, but as Baek is more a poet, it comes to us with much more moving. Maybe the word ‘Bard’ could explain him well. As the original song writer of The Unsent Letters, we would love to listen to his voice.

Lee Dong-eun

Lee Dong-eun who was the lead singer of band ‘Azure’. His passionate voice just make us can do nothing but to listen to his music. Although he got his sense, he got his look, he got his talk, and he got his great talent to make up a song but his ultimate vocal capability just make them to tell him as one great singer. 

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