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Speak so I Can See You

Serbia, Croatia, Qatar | 2019 | Asian | 74min | Color | Documentary

Program Note

This special documentary is largely composed of three elements. The first element is the various spaces of historic broadcasting stations: recording studios, old devices, offices, elevators, storage, and other places presented in a random order. The second is people. In addition to the hosts and staff, it includes performers, cleaners, listeners, and street crowds. The third is sound and voice. Broadcast recordings, music and sound cover the entire documentary.


The effect of the combination of the three elements is like a gigantic performance that transcends time and feels like meditation. And above all, the film is an outstanding tribute to the radio that once created culture and the universe as a great media. As such, “Belgrade Radio,” one of the oldest radio stations in Europe, is introduced to the world. (LEE Yong-cheol)

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마리야 스토야니츠

마리야 스토야니츠는 다큐멘터리와 픽션의 경계를 넘나드는 영화를 만들면서, 내러티브를 비선형이고 복합적이며 파편화된 것으로 구성한다. 최근 진행중인 프로젝트는 문화유산과 실험적인 음향에 포커스를 맞추고 있으며, 이것은 스토야니츠의 음악적 배경에서 비롯된 관심 주제이다.  

2019년 9월부터 베오그라드에서 프로듀서 안드리야나 소프라니치와 밀로시 이바노비치와 함께 영화사 'SET SAIL FILMS'를 운영하고 있다.​

: Marija Stojnić, Miloš Ivanović
: Marija Stojnić
: Dušan Grubin
: Kristina Poženel, Ivan Vasić
: Ivan Zelić