로비 로버트슨과 더 밴드의 신화

Once were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band

Canada, USA | 2020 | 102min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary

Program Note

“The Band” is the name of a five-member band that started with Ronnie Hawkins' band, and who acted as his backband when Bob Dylan tried to combine folk and rock. It was a band representing Canadian country rock but overshadowed by Bob Dylan. Eventually, they appear brilliantly with their debut album [Music from Big Pink] of genius.


The film chronologically follows the entire process that they were brilliantly recognized as a debut album through the days of the Hawkins band and Bob Dylan backband, and disbanded their band with the final work, [Last Waltz],  in which all the members participated. The voice of leader Robbie Robertson leads us into the great time of “The Band” with the revolutionary moments of Western pop music from folk rock to psychedelic. (MAENG Soo-jin)

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관객에게 즐거움을 주면서 사회적으로도 의미 있는 콘텐츠를 만들기 위해 노력해온 다니엘 로허감독은 우간다에서 내쫓긴 원주민부족의 투쟁을 기록한 <숲속의 유령들>(2017)로 주목을 받는다. 스토리라인과 시각 자료들과 애니메이션으로 전환 가능한 독특한 윤곽을 잡아내는 감독의 예리한 감각을 통해, 까다로운 회고담과 이야기들을 흥미롭게 재구성해낸다.

: Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Justin Wilkes, Sara Bernstein, Peter Raymont, Randy Lennox, Jared Levine, Michael Levine, Steve Ord, Dave Harris, Jeffrey Remedios
: Robbie Robertson, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Martin Scorsese, Taj Mahal, Jann Wenner, Ronnie Hawkins, Dominique Robertson, Van Morrison, David Geffen
: Kiarash Sadigh
: Eamonn O'Connor, Daniel Roher
: Matthew Chalmers
: Liam Able, Paolo Amati, Alejandro Ramos Ariansen, Brian Bentz